About Us

IMS Sewing Machines and Apparel Ltd. We started the < activity in 1984 as Azti. Until 1994 ‘s, we realized the buying and selling of all kinds of machines which are needed by the apparel sector. After 1994, we focused on the needs of underwear and we concentrated on this area.

In the field of underwear; Machinery, apparatus, rubber dispensers, cutting systems, special stands, service and consultancy services in areas where our customers are most important.
Our service understanding is not limited to selling the machine, especially in the field, apparatus, foot systems, to keep the measure in the field of cutting and, most importantly, information transfer is very important.
Lingerie is one of the most difficult areas in the textile sector; Because washing clothes is a difficult and highly detailed work. As a result of our research on how we can facilitate the producers’ business and how they can help them compete in the world, we have given training to our 8 senators and we live the happiness that we are the best in the area of a��a��underwear today. The positive reactions we receive from you lead us to become more researchers in this regard.

Right now we have two companies in our world. While we are addressing the internal market as IMS, we serve Ram Tekstil in the Free Zone.